Where will MS take me?

This is a story. A real story about me and what it’s like to live with a chronic health condition, like multiple sclerosis. Life with MS is frustrating and challenging and often absurd. I will observe some of the details of this life. I may offer a poem or post a good picture. I’d like to share my experiences, the trials and inspirations. I hope to hear from you about yours.

4 thoughts on “Where will MS take me?

  1. Monika Kruschwitz

    Thank you so much for sharing, the descriptions in “Actively Engaged in Resting” and “This poem is brought to you by the letter W’, gives me a greater understanding of the depth of MS. I can feel the net, and I can envision the W. The letter “P” is familiar to me, the paper work piles, the postponement of partaking in events, and pacing as a daily plan. It’s an inspiration to realize how healing it is to smile, when our days are challenging the core of our being and the beauty of the world is all around us.


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