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there’s not much else to say… We saw this rainbow from my bedroom window the other day and it has made me smile ever since.

We knew rain was in the forecast, even thunder and lightning, so when Anne Marie came in for her evening shift, we placed the bed at a good height; in case the power went out. As I was brushing my teeth, it started to rain and we could hear thunder and see flashes of lightning. It was time to go to bed, when we discovered Albus in my shower, crouching beneath my shower wheelchair. Was he hiding from the thunder and lightning? His eyes expressed concern. Once he saw us, he squeezed past my wheelchair wheels and headed for his bed, which is beside my bed. He knew it was time to proceed with the bedtime routine. I parked my chair in my room and Anne Marie was getting me set up with the sit to stand lift. While she was attaching the harness around my waist, I looked up to my bedroom window and saw sunshine pouring over the landscape. I turned to her with a smile on my face and said “Rainbow! Look out the living room window for a rainbow!” I have priorities, I know that when the sun shines after a rain storm, there will be a rainbow. And, seeing a rainbow takes priority over getting ready for bed.

Still sitting in my wheelchair with a harness around my waist, I heard exclamations and happy shouts coming from the living room that there was a rainbow to be seen. When she returned – not a minute later to transfer me to my bed – we could see the rainbow from my bedroom window. We laughed and smiled. How lucky we were to see this beautiful sight.