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A is for Albussio…

Here I sit, the caretaker of my humans. I am alert and attentive. My position is well established and my duties understood.   I am the greeter at the door and observe keenly all those who  enter, especially tall humans with deep voices. I monitor them closely and observe their activities. My dear humans, I am forever aware of their moods and emotional states. If there is excitement, I observe this through the cadence and chatter of voices. I am aware of every smell and sound.  If I smell burning, I use my alarm bark and run to the silver box in the kitchen. Once I found yellow-jackets crawling on the floor, looking rather stupefied. As a warning to my humans. I barked my alarm bark. The unspoken contract between myself and my humans is well-established: I provide these services and they offer me food on a regular basis, sometimes with a sardine or two. I guide my humans on outdoor walks, and have my very own bathroom with mat,  so I can do my business indoors if need be. They pet and scratch me with pleasure. I endure their brushing and often play games or look really cute to get a treat or two. Here are some of my favourite poses


In A Rita Perfect World

As uncomplicated as silent companionship

when we listen

to simple playful magic

and the air…

When we listen

to a whale’s blow hole

and the air escaping…

reminding me of

a whale’s blow hole.

Bumped and scuttled between boats

and reminding me of swimming

between fishing lines.

Bumped and scuttled between boats,

submerged in the Saint Lawrence Seaway

between fishing lines,

the world sounds garbled.

Submerged in the Saint Lawrence Seaway,

when we take care of each other,

the world sounds garbled

until something new wants to be born.

When we take care of each other

and remember to play;

something new wants to be born

and laughter becomes the shower for the soul.

Remember to play,

when there are no more right whale deaths,

and laughter becomes the shower for the soul.

In a Rita Perfect World

when there are no more right whale deaths.

NASA will build me a wheelchair

as uncomplicated as silent companionship.

A word from Sir Albussio

This is how it was before my back leg slipped off the bed and was grabbed by the “lift” and it’s a long thin feet. I can no longer trust it, although I see ‘My Lady on Wheels’ using it several times a day.  I suspect it may attack me again. You see how she adores me; I am steadfast and always aware of how she is. Since I remain a gentleman and one committed to routine, I return to her bed every morning to see how she is doing. Once ‘My Lady on Wheels’ is up and seated at her bed and I detect the scent of the daily washing. I understand what has taken place and know that after she is fed, I will also be fed and walked.

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Sgr Albussio & his life with humans…

Good Afternoon. It is with pleasure that I outline a few details about my life with humans. My humans are endearing, I in turn, am faithful and steadfast. Communication is essential in dealing with humans. They offer many cues. For instance, one must be attentive to their scent; body odour indicates hormone levels and physical well-being. Humans are vocally effusive; their chatter is endless. One’s ears must be alert to the highs and lows of this chatter, it signals their emotional well-being.  In general however, they are less aware of our cues.  It is best to hold onto their gaze in a steadfast manner. Be sure to guide them with your eyes and show them where you want the food to land…

And make sure to place your comforts where you want them; as I have done… (Do not be alarmed by the cone I wear, below. It has been removed.)

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I recently complained, “my bedroom has more equipment than personality…”

Take  a look for yourself…


What a lot of clutter!  I would like to point out the Dreamcatcher and the framed photograph of trees on the shores of a lake. The portrait above of the woman sitting in an armchair also hangs on my wall.  It is a portrait of my great-grandmother.  My grandmother painted this portrait of her mother-in-law; I’m sure that’s a story in and of itself.  The painting takes me back to another time and place that I can only imagine…

I like to remember the days when the pictures and posters on my bedroom walls were important. They identified my interests and my preferences in music. I pasted on my walls artists I admired, as well as musicians I adored.  On my walls, I taped postcards of places I wanted to visit. My walls expressed my aspirations…

It just struck me, my bed is facing my window.  I’m still looking out. I don’t go very far, but my imagination does…

painting by S. Conti Niccolai