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Waste, the bigger picture…

Things are movin’, movin’ along…

Things are moving, quite regularly.

I am pleased to say, things are moving along very regularly,

which in my books, is an accomplishment.

When I was a walking woman,

I did not worry about how my bowels moved.

Once in a while, I ate beets and was aghast at the result,

until I reminded myself: “Beets will turn everything purply-red.


Waste is meant to leave the body.

While my body can read and react to these signals,

I will let it do so, naturally and celebrate

the accomplishment.

I do help things along,

I alternate stewed prunes with yoghurt and cereal with fibre one day,

and drink prune juice at breakfast the next day…

because, most solutions are simple.

I wish to respect my body, it knows what to do.

My body does very little on its own;

requiring the help of different people with specific skills.

But what it can do of its own accord, I will let it do so and

celebrate its ability.

The following Ted talk showed me that listening to my gut will tell me a lot about my overall health: