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A kiss


It happened under a clear blue sky on a summer’s day. She was walking home on a busy avenue, shaded by a canopy trees. When she got home, she called out, “Mommy, I was kissed by a bee!”  I smiled to myself and sitting down at the kitchen table, I asked “What happened?” She explained, “I was just walking along and I saw it, a bumblebee flying straight for me.”

My daughter was walking along the road, her arms swinging, as she enjoyed the summer’s day. When a fat, striped and fuzzy, low-flying bumblebee flew straight for her and bounced off her lips, then backed up and flew away around the corner. Later she told me, “it felt like a fuzzy, soft pebble hitting me on the lips”.

She smiled with delight. “It kissed me!” She exclaimed, “I was kissed by a bumblebee.” She giggled and smiled broadly. And I reflected her smile. She continued on her day, humming quietly to herself.  She knows to find delight when absurdity smacks her in the face.

portrait by Silvia Conti Niccolai