Collateral damage…

that is, Covid collateral damage. I found out this week that my MS treatment clinic was cancelled. The only reason why I found this out was because I called the doctor’s office and was told all her clinics were canceled, because of Covid. This happened once before, a year ago, my same appointment was rescheduled for a later date. And so I wait… for a later date,

and that is the state we live in these days…

I often feel caught in an anxious undercurrent funnelled by low grade depression. I will continue to enjoy small pleasures: like freshly baked bread from a friend, watching my dog on our walk and looking for flowers like magnolias. They look like delicate tea cups, when in bloom. They are beautiful!

6 thoughts on “Collateral damage…

  1. Eva Toth

    Dear Rita,

    So well,written, Rita. An anxious undercurrent and low grade depression is what a lot of us feel, but you have so much more to deal with. The people that are most vulnerable are also those most affected sadly . It’s such a tough and dark time we live in.

    What is so terrible is that healthcare is essential and yet, you are deprived of the essential help you need. It makes no sense.

    I wonder if we should contact Marketplace? Or…..who does the medical info on CBC radio?

    Sending you tons of love and huge hugs.

  2. Nancy Creed

    Hi Rita,
    What Eva said. I would only be re-phrasing her response.
    I will add that I’m happy you continue to savour the smaller joys of life including walks in the company of Albus.
    I love the photograph of you accompanying your words.
    Think of you often and hope to visit again some day.

  3. Cris

    As usual, so well written, and timely. That photo is so perfect; text and picture are powerful together!


    Awful —//hang in there Rita, sunnier days ahead- I hope to one day phone and complain about the heat.

  5. wordpicnic

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