A is for Albussio…

Here I sit, the caretaker of my humans. I am alert and attentive. My position is well established and my duties understood.   I am the greeter at the door and observe keenly all those who  enter, especially tall humans with deep voices. I monitor them closely and observe their activities. My dear humans, I am forever aware of their moods and emotional states. If there is excitement, I observe this through the cadence and chatter of voices. I am aware of every smell and sound.  If I smell burning, I use my alarm bark and run to the silver box in the kitchen. Once I found yellow-jackets crawling on the floor, looking rather stupefied. As a warning to my humans. I barked my alarm bark. The unspoken contract between myself and my humans is well-established: I provide these services and they offer me food on a regular basis, sometimes with a sardine or two. I guide my humans on outdoor walks, and have my very own bathroom with mat,  so I can do my business indoors if need be. They pet and scratch me with pleasure. I endure their brushing and often play games or look really cute to get a treat or two. Here are some of my favourite poses https://www.instagram.com/sir_albussio/?hl=en



6 thoughts on “A is for Albussio…

  1. Nancy Creed

    Rita, you have enough cute poses here for a wall calendar! I had a good chuckle over the siren howl video and especially liked the bit where the car horn interrupted Albus’s performance and he just left the stage! Well, I must say he has not aged a day! Wonder if he’d still remember me? Have a fabulous day all of you under M. Albussio’s care. xox

  2. Shelley T

    I like the unspoken contract entered into: alarm barking for food, sometimes with the additional sardine or two.

    1. rita kindl myers Post author

      He only alarm barks when there is danger a foot. He has a sharp. And loud bark when an Unknown personr is knocking s t the door. And a muffled bark when he’s tired of waiting. He also does this exaggerated yawn When we he’s been waiting for a while. Pretty funny Guy

      On Fri, Feb 7, 2020, 23:10 Where will M.S. take me? wrote:


  3. Cris

    I like his especially monitoring those tall humans with deep voices! hee hee . And love Albus’ knowledge of his “unspoken contract between me and my humans”.


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