Sgr Albussio & his life with humans…

Good Afternoon. It is with pleasure that I outline a few details about my life with humans. My humans are endearing, I in turn, am faithful and steadfast. Communication is essential in dealing with humans. They offer many cues. For instance, one must be attentive to their scent; body odour indicates hormone levels and physical well-being. Humans are vocally effusive; their chatter is endless. One’s ears must be alert to the highs and lows of this chatter, it signals their emotional well-being.  In general however, they are less aware of our cues.  It is best to hold onto their gaze in a steadfast manner. Be sure to guide them with your eyes and show them where you want the food to land…

And make sure to place your comforts where you want them; as I have done… (Do not be alarmed by the cone I wear, below. It has been removed.)

To see me as I am, follow me on Instagram @sir_albussio


2 thoughts on “Sgr Albussio & his life with humans…

  1. wordpicnic

    Hi Rita, I love getting posts from your almost human Sgr. Albussio and enjoyed the Instagram slide show – he is a very special companion methinks. ‘Til next time – warmest wishes, M


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