I recently complained, “my bedroom has more equipment than personality…”

Take  a look for yourself…


What a lot of clutter!  I would like to point out the Dreamcatcher and the framed photograph of trees on the shores of a lake. The portrait above of the woman sitting in an armchair also hangs on my wall.  It is a portrait of my great-grandmother.  My grandmother painted this portrait of her mother-in-law; I’m sure that’s a story in and of itself.  The painting takes me back to another time and place that I can only imagine…

I like to remember the days when the pictures and posters on my bedroom walls were important. They identified my interests and my preferences in music. I pasted on my walls artists I admired, as well as musicians I adored.  On my walls, I taped postcards of places I wanted to visit. My walls expressed my aspirations…

It just struck me, my bed is facing my window.  I’m still looking out. I don’t go very far, but my imagination does…

painting by S. Conti Niccolai

10 thoughts on “Reminiscing…

  1. Wietske Gradstein

    Dear Rita

    I love your entry this week. As you are seeing around you, your reach into the world diminishing, you keep reminding yourself of a greater world out there. Keep it up my friend ad join it.

    Your friend-with-MS,


  2. Bobbie

    Keep looking out always. One of the reasons you are a stellar person, looking outward around you and not at yourself. XOXO

    1. rita kindl myers Post author

      Hi Jenny, I know my heart aches a little bit too. However without it I would not be able to do what I do… And yes Signor Albussio has his place throughout the house and navigate all pieces of equipment. I think he softens everything with care and love and fun.

  3. Audrey H McLeod

    Hi Rita
    What a beautiful portrait of your great grandmother AND painted by your grandmother……..
    A treasure for sure. Just as you are a treasure to all of us.

    1. rita kindl myers Post author

      Hello Audrey,
      Thanks for your kind words. I agree, I’m very lucky to have that portrait of my great grandmother. I remember seeing it in my grandma’s apartment and thinking, “that’s a boring picture of an old lady in an armchair”, of course, I don’t think that anymore. Now I admire my grandma’s creativity and skill.


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