Sgr Albussio & his notes on summer…

The warmer air brought regular excursions with ‘My Lady on Wheels’ and ‘She who Adores Me’. On a daily basis, I led the three of us on a walk outside of our home onto the paved walkway. This is where I gather the neighbourhood news; the comings and goings of the outside gang and disseminate my own information.

This is a blessed exercise. I am keenly aware of how these daily excursions begin. I am alerted to the fact that we will take outdoors ‘My Lady on Wheels’ as soon as she jangles the leash/belt that fits snugly around her middle. On her head sits the floppy cloth covering, while around my neck is clasped the lead, which I use to guide the female bipedal one, who adores me.

I delight in these excursions. To begin I announce my arrival to the neighbourhood with the scent of my urine close to the corner of my building and off we go…

Tenderly, I gaze each leaf with my nostrils and absorb the scent of news… Three dead posts ahead, I discover that Fred has returned; Abigail has eaten a hearty breakfast and Jane is pregnant. I deliver my scent and scratch the earth with my claws; making my claim to the neighbourhood. Happily, I greet the female bipedal ones, but snarl and bark at loud, tall males, often moving rapidly on wheels… I will protect ‘My Lady on Wheels’ from their loud growls and speed! 

I make no notice of the felines and the winged ones. There are other canines out there and I greet and snarl at them to secure my standing in the neighbourhood.

Having caught up on information and news and freed myself of any bowel constrictions, I return gladly to my indoor abode and my bipedal family.

Such are the habits of the fortunate!

5 thoughts on “Sgr Albussio & his notes on summer…

  1. Jenny

    He looks such a lovely dog and it is so definitely often the dog in charge of the walk. He directs it and knows who has passed through his world and if you are safe. Is he a bichon.?


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