Sitting in my kitchen

looking out the window

watching the sky change…

In the room are eight clocks,

each offer

a different time:

7:49 PM; 19h46; 13 Minutes to 8 o’clock; 19h51; 7:51; 7:52; 10 minutes to the hour…

I can pick whichever time suits me best…

This used to drive my husband nuts,

from time to time, visitors point this out…

My response is the same:

I smile and say “pick which time suits you best…”

And so, I’d like to recommend a book to read:

Just Jen: Thriving through Multiple Sclerosis.


And, now it is 8 o’clock…


6 thoughts on “…Perspective…

  1. Nancy Creed

    I also enjoyed Jen Powley’s book. I love her courage and sense of humour. She just doesn’t give up.

  2. Audrey H McLeod

    Interesting, where did that come from?

    Rita, thank you for telling and giving us your review of Jen Powley’s book, look forward to reading it.

    1. rita kindl myers Post author

      guess I’m being philosophical, we’re all given information and we take what we want from it… So when we’re given a diagnosis, we can think of it as being “the end” or the beginning of another adventure… (I don’t want to be glib)…Certainly, Jen Powley’s book offers a really good perspective on living with MS.

  3. wordpicnic

    Hi Rita, Your posts always give me pause for reflection. And I like your July 10th response to Audrey McLeod… ‘we’re all given information and we take what we want from it…’. Warm wishes on this warm day. Madeline


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