Rubber lips

Listen to me. When you’re stressed and tense, the thing to do is to use your rubber lips and blow some raspberries. Seriously the more you do it, the sillier you feel, that’s how it works.

So the other night, I’m up and awake. My body is working against me and it’s keeping me awake. My legs are twitching. I can’t sleep and I am angry. I am shaking the bed rails, slamming them with my fists! I’m angry! The angrier I am, the more stressed I become and I want to scream!

What do I do?  I pucker my lips, blow air out and make a ‘raspberry’ sound, a little bit of tension is released. I do it again and a smile creeps on my face. I do it again. I feel a little bit silly and I do it again. Silly feels good. I notice I can’t hold any tension in my face. When I pretend my lips are made of rubber and blow air out through them, making a silly sound, the wrinkled tension set between my eyebrows releases. I feel like laughing. I blow again! It feels better to be silly than angry.  I can laugh at myself and I can laugh at my situation…mmmm? not quite. At least I relax a bit and I don’t feel as frustrated and angry anymore.

And now from youtube a baby blows raspberries and giggles hysterically…


12 thoughts on “Rubber lips

  1. Eva Toth

    hi Rita,
    Great advice…and very timely. I enjoyed the baby video also. Did you see the ad just before the baby video? Very funny.

  2. Nancy Creed

    Here I am reading your blog in the wee hours, too! Good tip on the ‘rubber lips raspberries’…shall remember for future reference. I also giggled over the baby video. Thanks, Rita!

  3. wordpicnic

    Hi Rita, I really enjoyed your post. Must try blowing raspberries with puckered lips for myself and think of the sound of that baby just giggling away.

  4. Jenny

    Hi Rita, this made me laugh and smile and I will try it next time I am stuck or grumpy’! It’s so good .

  5. Audrey McLeod

    Rita, wonderful tension relieving method to use, like Rita I plan to use it but NOT in public.


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