The voice in the night…

It’s dark and I’m awake; I have to empty my bladder. With huge effort, I sit on the side of my bed. I will use the bed-rail beside me, and the grab-bar opposite me on the wall, to bring myself up to a standing position. I prepare my mind; moving my body consumes all kinds of energy: physical, mental and emotional.

Physically, I will engage my thigh muscles and my abdominal muscles, as I use my hands and arms push me up… however, I know that I will go nowhere, if I am not mentally engaged and emotionally confident. There is no room for dizziness or self-doubt.

I am in mid-movement. I’m halfway there, when a voice calls out to me “Use your glutes…” I know this voice. I heard it a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.. “Use your glutes, Luke! Use the glutes.” Yes, did I mention that humour helps enormously?



5 thoughts on “The voice in the night…

  1. Wietske Gradstein

    Good for you Rita,. Keep cajoling that body of yours in whichever way possible. Enjoy the effort. It is no disaster to give up, but one doesn’t expect that from an Olympic Athlete either. I hope lots of people read your post. An Olympic Athlete has a whole world to cheer them on. You have lots of devoted friends.

  2. Jenny

    Oh yes Rita , a sudden laugh helps so much. Hadn’t heard the glutes before .(now I will remember it )And that touch and go feeling about making it at night. Yep definitely.

  3. Eva Toth

    I so enjoyed this writing Rita… I want more. Your ability to see the lightness and humour is fantastic. You are so inspiring.


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