Learning to stand

I visit the physiotherapist once a month. She tugs and manipulates my feet and legs to get my body to do the things it can’t do on its own. I learn to pay attention to different muscles and their abilities to help me do simple things, like stand. I had no idea how many muscles are involved in standing or in balancing on 2 feet.

These are the steps I take to go from sitting to standing. Perched on the edge of a chair, my knees  forward, placed further out than my toes. I aim my nose over my knees, straighten my back and propel myself forward and up. I am doing the mid-air stretch. I flatten my back and push myself to standing. My torso is out and up. I engage my abdominal muscles. Who knew they were so strong?  Those abdominals! A little closer to standing, at this point I engage the gluteus. A big muscle group, squeezing those cheeks together allows me to stand a little taller. Later, while doing physiotherapy exercises, I discover muscles in the small of my back. Guess what!? There are muscles in my back, that can also be employed in helping me stand, sit up straight and simply enjoy the wonder of my own body.

Next, comes the brain. It’s a lot to take in. There are many commands to send forth to various limbs. This can be tiring for my MS body. My brain has to believe that it can. I have to be okay with it being different and difficult. But that doesn’t mean I can’t, it just means I have to learn how to do it differently. And I’m learning how to do things differently again and again and again.

4 thoughts on “Learning to stand

  1. Madeline

    Your blog this month reminds me of the children’s book ‘The Little Engine That Could’ – chug, chug, chug, chug…I can do it, I can do it. Kudos for all the hard work – sounds like you are in training for the M.S. Olympics. Madeline


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