Blogging is fun.

This blog has been nominated for a Liebster Award. How fun is that?! Thank you Kim Scaravelli for the nomination. She writes a blog that I really enjoy and highly recommend. It’s called: STUFF MY DOG TAUGHT ME. Find it at:
Here comes the fun part. Anyone nominated for the award, then chooses 5 to 11 other blogs to nominate for this award, specifically blogs with fewer than 200 followers. Sounds like a chain letter? Sure, but the result is that I’m discovering other people’s blogs. They may read mine. You may discover blogs you may not have heard of.   To add a little more fun to the mix, all nominees must answer 11 questions posed by she who nominated them. And, then create questions to ask the people they have nominated.

The Liebster Rules are the following:

  1. Thank and link back to your nominator
  2. Answer the nominator’s 11 questions
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with 200 or fewer followers and link to them
  4. Draft 11 new questions for your nominees
  5. Notify your nominees via their blogs or social media

Here are my answers to Kim’s 11 questions.

  1. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? (I have always wanted to ask that question I love trees and have always identified with them. If I had to be a plant, I would choose to be a tree. An oak, because of the many qualities of their wood. It is a dark, beautifully grained hardwood.  
  2. You are on a desert island and can have only one food. You will never run out but that is all you will ever eat… for the rest of your life. What food do you choose and why?  The answer has to be avocado. Think about it. I can eat it. I can rub it over the skin of my face and then use the sand on the beach to exfoliate. I would give myself a little bit of a spa. After I scoop out the insides to eat them, I can float the skins like little boats and have fun watching them float in the water. I could take out the pit, clean it and carve a message on its surface. Then throw it into the sea and hope someone will read it. I could use the pit with a slingshot to kill small mammals, birds or crustaceans for food. The avocado is awesome.
  3. You have lots of time and no one else wants in the bathroom. Do you choose to take a shower or do you choose a bath?  Shower, I would definitely shower. Why? People with MS don’t like baths. I overheat in a bath and then move around like someone who’s had too much alcohol. Boring!
  4. In your “dream home” what is the biggest room? I’m going to say kitchen. Why?  because I like kitchen parties. I like parties that end up in the kitchen. I like having people over and cooking together and eating together. 
  5. You are on a plane. The person beside you wants to engage in conversation but you would rather just watch bad television and eat your tasteless, pre-packaged chicken wrap. How do you resolve this?  I would talk to the person for a little bit and then decide whether I’m going to get a terrible headache by continuing. You never know, I might enjoy the conversation after all and hear a good story. If it looks like I’m going to get a headache, I’d shut my eyes, excuse myself, put on headphones and listen to the radio.
  6. Who is your favourite cartoon dog and why?  it has to be Snoopy created by Charles M. Schultz. He’s a dog with character, who was both a flying ace and a writer. Sometimes, he was just smarter than the rest of them. 
  7. You have been trapped in a Karaoke situation. There is no way out. What song do you sing? I will sing “I can see clearly now” and sing the version by Holly Cole.
  8. You are in a clothing store. You have enough money to purchase one “PERFECT” sweater. Beside this item is a sale rack where you find three “NICE” sweaters that can all be bought for the same amount of money. What do you choose to do and why?  I would buy the perfect sweater. I have enough sweaters, so I don’t need 3 more, but finding the perfect sweater sounds nice.
  9. You have a chance to rewrite history and change your name to anything you like… What do you call yourself?  Okay, this is only going to prove me boring. My answer is: Rita. But, please pronounce the T (do not pretend it is a ‘d’).
  10. Too cold or too hot? If you had to pick one, which would it be and why?  Cold is the answer. Please refer to question number three. Besides, coming from Canada, I like the cold and I’m spoiled with ‘central heating.’ I can always warm myself up, I’m lucky enough to have a home. 
  11. The television has broken and there is not a book to be found (what a horrifying thought!). It is a stormy day and you are trapped in your house. How do you amuse yourself for the day?  I want to answer with the Internet. But I realize if my TV is broken then I’m going to assume the modem is broken that would be the equivalent. What would I do? Play a boardgame. My first choice is scrabble and then Settlers of Catan. And if the kids refuse to play with me, (why else would did I have kids, but to play board games with) I would listen to music.

And now, I would like to nominate the following well written, entertaining and informative blogs for the Liebster award:

1. Canadian Seaturtle Network, written by Kathleen Martin

2. Words about Writing, Mental Health and other fancy stuff by Anna Quon

3. Tales from the sea,

4. Stephanie Domet, writer at large

5. The intent of choice

6. Pizindian

7. A blog about music Jambalaya

8. The Peel watershed legal case

9. Elizabeth “Tshaukuesh” Penashue: Innu Elder and Activist

10. Open-heart farming by Mary Ellen Sullivan

As part of the award, the nominees are invited to answer my 11 questions. Here they are:

  1.  What is your favourite colour?
  2. Snowshoe, ski or skate, which do you prefer?
  3. You have a time machine and you can time travel to any date. Do you choose to go to the future or the past?
  4. Pie or cake? Which do you prefer?
  5. You are suddenly dropped in a land where you do not speak the language. You are allowed to take one item to share with the locals in effort to get to know them and learn their language. What do you take?
  6. You have been given the choice of speaking another language, but it has to be the language of an animal. What animal do you choose to communicate with?
  7. You are given the opportunity to go anywhere once a year for your vacation, but you will be 10 cm tall. Who do you choose to travel with and where?
  8. You have the choice of preparing all your food by yourself or taking a pill for all your nutrients. Which do you choose to do? This was my father’s great idea and I always argued against it. What do you think?
  9. I’m bored. Will you sing me a song? What song can you sing for me?

10 thoughts on “Blogging is fun.

  1. Jenny Simpson

    What great questions and answers! Sets me thinking and to look at the other blogs. Thank you ++++Jenny

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Nancy Creed

    I want to answer all of these questions! Aw, shucks. I don’t blog. Enjoyed reading it all through though. Congrats, Rita.

  3. kim scaravelli

    You are so practical! Avocado… brilliant. And here I am thinking “pie” because my trick answer lets me eat anything… what CAN’T be put in a pie?!?


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