I will be free…

“Well, you have five minutes to change your mind again,” she said with a grin. It was the night of the annual lecture that I help organize in honour of my late husband. As a family, we were preparing to go. It was very exciting; one of my stepdaughters was in town for the event. “Shall I go by Power Chair or drive in and take my walker?” There are pluses and minuses to either one and for the past hour I had been changing my mind at regular intervals. The pendulum swung once and I’d say, “I don’t like watching people react to the wheelchair.” When the pendulum swung low, I couldn’t decide. As it moved to the far side, I’d state, “I like using my legs.” We drove there. The walker was pulled from the van, I leaned on it and I pushed it past my son, who was holding open the door to the building. Once inside, I got tired of walking down the hall, turning to my daughter I asked her to pull me. I turned around, sat on the walker and she pulled me the rest of the way to the auditorium. I live with patient people.

That was a year ago. I have since decided that walking is very pedestrian……

This year I was talking to my stepdaughter before the event and told her “I’m taking the Power Chair, because I want to be free.” I smiled broadly, remembering how she had teased me last year for changing my mind so often. Freedom is relative. I meant I was free to move without making a huge physical effort. I was free! I chose to ignore other’s reaction to my wheelchair.  I was also free to move myself around without having to ask others for too much help. Perhaps, I was freeing others from the stress of looking after me.

7 thoughts on “I will be free…

  1. Amanda Kindl

    Brava! Who cares about the carrier – chair or kite, wheels or wings – when it can take us where we want? And if some people have a problem with that… well, they should learn how to overcome it 😉

    1. Wietske

      Rita, you got it! You are not be wheelchair bound but wheelchair liberated, Our environment is adapting to us wheelchair users continuously. Keep growing with this amazing evolution of infrastructure. It is there for people like you and me to use.

    2. rita kindl myers Post author

      Oh thanks for the support… I know you are right, who cares! But honestly, I have to admit it is easier said than done. Sometimes people are taken aback which can take the fun out of seeing someone you haven’t seen in a while…

  2. Jenny

    I love it, going with the chair and being free, seeing it as freedom. And awareness of relieving others , maybe that is a new way to think of it. And that “walking is very pedestrian…. ” it so is. It so is.

  3. Shelley T

    Rita, I have just read these last two entries in your blog. Having my own little temporary disability (and it is little and temporary) limit my freedom and cause me to be reliant on others has made my admiration for you grow that much more. I wouldn’t care if I saw you with a walker or a wheelchair or in a spaceship, just seeing you would brighten my day and enrich my life.


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