“Okay, let’s do it,” I said to my daughter, “let’s find out what Disney princess I most closely resemble.” My daughter had found a site  on Tumblr that answers the question: “Which Disney Princess are you?” My kids were quizzing each other and friends, both male and female, to discover which princess they most closely resembled.

So, I was asked to respond either true or false to a variety of statements, such as: “A thirst for adventure is close to your heart.” I replied, “Sure! If you count adventures like figuring out how to do the stairs, when the bathroom is on the second floor and you’re on the first.” These adventures usually involve several other people. One person to give me an arm to lean on. A second person to lift my left leg up to the next step and the third to carry the walker. Once in a while, I get a piggyback ride! Because sometimes, there is no elevator, nor escalator, or handrail, and the only way to participate is with the help of good people. And so I say, “Thank you!”

By the way, it’s Pocahontas.

6 thoughts on ““A thirst for adventure is close to your heart.”

  1. Madeline

    Funny, I was thinking of you the past couple of days and wondering when I might get another blog. Great picture and great post. Have you noticed that the days are noticeably longer in the past week? I may just come out of my cocoon sometime soon.

    We don’t have any classes in the Hfx Humanities 101 Program next week – the university study break. Really makes me feel like I am a university student again. This week our two classes will consist of lectures by a professor from NSCAD with slides of the masters – so no reading required. Nice change as the last three classes were on Descartes, which is not exactly bedtime reading!

    Want to get together sometime to chat about books or writing or food or whatever? Madeline

  2. nshackell@ns.sympatico.ca

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  3. Nancy Creed

    I must have intended to respond to this entry last winter but it got away from me. 😦 I LOVE this photo of you with the wind in your hair and your indomitable smile! My guess is that you were boating off the coast of Italy? Wherever it was, it looks like it must have been a highlight.

    1. rita kindl myers Post author

      That’s another story and it was a ferry…sometimes it seems like another lifetime. Why, back then I was married and I walked places…Indomitable? Thanks, I like that word. You are reminding me to strive for it, because sometimes things are just too tiring. I’ll use it and remember that word, when I’m standing in the shower, or at the kitchen sink. It’ll be useful when accomplishing every day tasks.

  4. Eva Toth

    dear Pocahontas,
    I so enjoyed this blog as well as the lovely photo. You have a wonderful smile and a zest for life that is huge.


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