This poem is brought to you by the letter ‘W’

Lifting both appendages high:
the left waves
a good-natured farewell
as the right
points toward the exit.
‘W’ walks sideways,
crab-like on tips.

flipped upside down
‘W’ turns into ‘M‘
for memory.
Upward swinging arms
hang upside down.
Hugging the ground
with 3 points of contact:
past, present & future.

‘W’ wanders…
wends its way
reaching for its walker.

Wheels will do.

The chair comes
with the letter

Art work by Sophia Myers
Poem by rita kindl myers

5 thoughts on ““This poem is brought to you by the letter W”

  1. Nancy Creed

    Enjoyed reading this and picturing these alphabet antics. Made me smile. Especially like the ‘M’ section. Ciao, Rita…

      1. Nancy Creed

        You know what? I didn’t grow up on Sesame Street at all. Forgot to answer your question posed weeks ago. I must’ve been a 20something when I first heard about this program.

  2. Cristina Kindl

    That was beautiful!

    I’m guessing the spacing was as you want it now on the page?

    As usual creating a richness in a world of images and senses with few words.



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