Caught in a net

A fishing net hangs over the sparkling blue water of the Mediterranean Sea. And I wish I was there, kind of…
On a bad day, I’m curled up dangling meters above the waves. My arm is pressed and twisted against my chest. My legs aren’t going to take me where I want them to. And the rope of the net cuts into my face. I peer down at darkening water, the wind sways the net and I’m afraid of falling. I know I can’t move my body the way I want to.

On a good day, I relax as if I’m in a hammock and swing with the gentle breeze. I roll on to my belly and gaze down at the scene below. I can watch all the able-bodied people swimming in the sea. It is a pleasant scene and I enjoy watching people enjoy themselves.The sun warms my shoulders and the sea breeze tosses my hair and cools me.

On a sad day, I wish to be carried in this net. I am tired. If someone would grab the four corners of this net, pull them together and hoist me over their shoulder, I’d gladly go for the ride. I’d be pleased to have a rest. I get tired of dragging this body around.

Okay, so likening multiple sclerosis to a fishing net is kind of obvious and too easy. But I had to do it. The picture is too good to be true and part of me would love to be on the Amalfi coast gazing at the blue water. I wish I knew what kind of fish that net will catch.

words and photograph by me.

9 thoughts on “Where will MS take me?

  1. silvia kindl

    The net analogy is pure poetic genius on many levels. It is not at all obvious. It gave me an insight into your world. Do you feel it is obvious for another reason I would not have thought of?

  2. mel

    Rita this is so beautifully written, poignant if that is the right word, and you’ve expanded the net image in ways that are not ‘too easy.’

  3. Nancy Creed

    I agree that the net imagery is not at all obvious, Rita. It is simple but not simplistic, if you see what I mean. It is very useful to someone like me who tries to put myself in your shoes without a lot of success. This helps me…perhaps to help you a little. Thanks so much for sending this to me.

  4. Nick

    Hi Rita:
    I agree with the comments above. I thought your metaphor (or analogy) was very fitting. I appreciated the way you set it up to illustrate difference perspectives of your experience.

  5. Camille

    I’m joining the chorus: love the metaphor and find it very evocative. Look forward to following you.

  6. Eva

    Beautiful photo Rita and your writing is so clear -it grabs me by the throat (in a nice way) and lets me be you for a moment. Thank you for that.


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